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End of the Journey


Dear Beloved Destiny Hill Farm Community,

With hearts full of gratitude and eyes glistening with memories, we – James and Nancy Cameron, Mimi York, and Sydney Oklesson – must share the bittersweet news of Destiny Hill Farm's closing. This farm, which bloomed with love and life, has been a haven for celebration, a witness to sacred vows, and a home to the beauty crafted by human hands and nature alike.

To the countless couples who chose to begin their journey as one with us, we offer you our deepest and most heartfelt thanks. Your weddings have been the life force of Destiny Hill Farm. Each "I do," every laughter-filled toast, and all the shared glances of love have left an indelible beauty here, as enduring as the very earth on which we stand. Your moments of joy became ours, and for allowing us to be a part of the tapestry of your lives, we are forever grateful.

Our incredible staff, you are the unsung melody of Destiny Hill Farm's song. Your dedication has been the quiet yet strong foundation upon which every successful event was built. Through every season, every challenge, and every celebration, your spirit and hard work have been the cornerstone of all that we've accomplished. We have witnessed your commitment, and it has been nothing short of inspiring.

And to our floral designers, the poets of petal and stem, your talent has painted our farm with the colors of countless sunsets and the hues of dawn's first light. You've turned simple buds into exquisite masterpieces, speaking the language of love and celebration through every arrangement. Your craft has not simply decorated spaces but has set the stage for memories that will be cherished for lifetimes.

As the sun sets on Destiny Hill Farm, we carry with us the essence of every story, the warmth of every encounter, and the shared beauty we've all cultivated. This farm has been a mosaic of your love stories, and as we step into the future, we carry those stories with us, etched upon our hearts.

Thank you, from a place of profound appreciation and enduring love.

Warmest regards,

James and Nancy Cameron, Mimi York, Sydney Oklesson

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